In 2011, well into his twentieth year of selling the idea of a destination that would celebrate our Niagara Story, Paul Gromosiak presented a solution called THE NIAGARA EXPERIENCE CENTER to a small group of government and business officials here in Niagara Falls, NY.

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This enterprise would provide a place for all the world to come and learn and experience the natural, native American, Colonial and American aspects of our history and heritage.

The destination would include a GRAND PORTICO, a CENTRAL HALL, a THEATER / LECTURE HALL,  and four interactive spaces for each of the above domains.

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The strengths and opportunities of the concept of the idea are a no-brainer.  The Return on Investment is relatively quick (three years) for such a museum-like experience.

The challenges and threats lurk like rocks within the rapids, waiting to sink you, if the water level is lowered too much by the New York Power Authority.

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Like any daredevil, the successful development and deployment of the Niagara Experience Center will take careful planning, knowledge of what works for other daredevils and a bit of luck and mischief.

This site is the hub for all ideas, thoughts, resources, people, processes and technology associated with the development and deployment of the NIAGARA EXPERIENCE.

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The greatest value of the Niagara Experience is surely how it acts as one small step in the community and economic development of the region.

Let’s stop thinking about how we have not yet begun our revitalization and start imagining how we will tell our story to captivate the tourist and resident alike.  Let’s restore Niagara Falls, NY to it’s rightful place as one of America’s greatest destinations through the story that is a key part of the American Experience.

We possess all the necessary resources (people, capital, power) to develop and deploy a destination that will draw millions annually to Niagara Falls, NY and give them reason to stay, eat, explore and become advocates.  This site will create jobs, graduates, income, self-esteem and confidence lacking in Niagara falls, NY and help the community and economy survive.

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Michael R Weekes

Facilitator, Niagara Experience

About michaellovesbuffalo

Michael R Weekes Biography Known as the Couch-Potato-Turned-Marathoner, Mike is the self-published author of EVERYTHING IS A PROCESS specializing in leading organizations toward excellence. Using his experience with six sigma, lean, business process analysis, improvement and other tools, he has led healthcare, bioscience, telecom, automotive, utility and military contractor organizations along the quality improvement journey. Michael specializes in Healthcare and other WNY business domains. He recently helped Blue Cross Blue Shield / Healthnow improve their Rate Letter business process to eliminate overtime, non-value-added costs and elimination of waste in the process. This represented millions of dollars in annual savings of operating expenses, happier employees and delighted subscribers. He is co-founder of Fandemoneum, a sports museum experience to be located in Buffalo. This interactive destination will feature all of the moments, memories, teams and especially fans who make Buffalo and WNY one of the nation’s most exciting places to live. Fandemoneum will help tell the story of Buffalo culture and heritage through sports in a fun and entertaining way. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Mike parlayed his Industrial Engineering and Statistics education into a position as manufacturing engineer. Beginning his career with Raytheon, he developed smart munitions manufacturing processes and introducing new technologies including surface mount high density electronics. With exposure to Lean Principles and Value Stream Mapping, he strengthened his abilities, identifying and attacking waste and non-value-added work and its causes. Mike applied what he learned to help reduce manufacturing cycle times from weeks to days, introducing better work instructions and job aids, improving quality, on-time delivery and employee involvement. His education includes a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from SUNY @ Buffalo, an MBA from Rockford College and Motorola’s Six Sigma Black Belt Program, applying the DMAIC strategy to make cellular telephones better, cheaper, faster. He managed the technology roadmap and ran experiments to prove the reliability of new designs, processes and components to keep John Deere ahead of the competition. Mr. Weekes understands the business process analysis and enterprise architecture arena. He plays the role of analyst or facilitator, helping teams within an organization first acquire the knowledge and know-how, and then guides them in applying the tools. Mike is a contributor to the Value Chain Group and helped develop a working methodology for General Motors, AMD and Proctor & Gamble. Whether its strategic planning, new technology introduction, cost reduction or quality/business process improvement, Mike has the experience and knowledge to take your team on the journey. Michael R Weekes can be contacted at or by calling (941) 356 9434. His company website is TO JOIN TEAM FANDEMONEUM, VISIT FANDEMONEUM.COM OR EMAIL US.

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